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Origin: Harrisburg PA

Genre: Hip-Hop / R&B

Years Active: 2008- Present

Label: Wealth Ent 

Official Websites: wealthent.com


Melody Weaver is an American rapper and producer. She is also known for her many other talents such as singing and designing clothing. On December 18,1991 Melody Brineece Weaver-Thomas was born in the capital of Pennsylvania, also known as Harrisburg, PA. Her father was a popular local DJ who always had a strong love for music, so it seemed fitting that he chose to give her the name Melody. At a very young age Melody knew music was her passion. Her mother taught her what her name meant and taught her how to spell it by creating a short rap song to remember it. 
Melody began getting recognized in elementary school for being the quiet girl who was multi-talented. 
In 2004 her middle school allowed her to put on her own fashion show displaying all her own clothing designs. Throughout the years, Melody performed in talent shows and fashion shows, but it wasn't until 2005, when she moved with her mother to Atlanta, GA that she had the courage to actually get on stage and perform one of her original songs as a hip hop artist. At this time she was a part of a female rap trio called Candy Pieces. Melody wrote and produced most of the material for the group and later that year, also wrote, produced, and recorded 13 songs to create her first CD titled “RIDIN MUZIK”. Melody has been developing her talents since then. In 2013 she created a swimsuit line called Many Hu$tles.She designed and manufactured all pieces for the line. In 2017 Melody released a 6 track EP entitled “Goodnight Kisses”. Melody is currently working on new  material to be released in spring 2018.



Wealth ENT. Cregg D.  |  

Director of touring /Aritst management

Wealthy Ears Radio - Meda 



Sean L  |  booktruwealth@gmail.com, 404-369-2978


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